Easy and Sweet Quinoa


So breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And of course, starting your day off with a healthy meal is sure to make you feel good and is the proper way to take care of yourself. I know all of these things, and yet I find it incredibly difficult to eat breakfast. Part of it comes from not being overly hungry when I wake up and just that weird morning feeling that makes foods unappealing. I’m trying to reconnect with breakfasts and that is really what this post is all about. I feel like for weekday breakfasts, the priority is time. They need to be super quick and easy, am I right? Or it needs to be easily made in advance. That is why I turned to quinoa here because it is relatively inexpensive, super healthy, quick to cook and easy to jazz up a bit. I have a tumultuous relationship with oatmeal, and I find that the texture of quinoa is a nice change from the general gloppiness of rolled oats. Aside from the quinoa, this breakfast is made to be almost identical; the swap just serves as change to liven up the ritual.

serves 2-3 Ingredients

1 cup dry quinoa (or 3 cups cooked)
3 tbsp maple syrup or agave syrup
2 tbsp nut butter
3 tbsp cocoa powder
3 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp applesauce (optional)*
pinch or two of salt
non-dairy milk as needed (you may be using a couple splashes to around 1/3 cup)**
chocolate chips and/or cacao nibs for serving (optional)
1 banana mashed or chopped
fresh fruit (ie strawberries)


Cook the quinoa as the package directs you or just take out the precooked quinoa you have. If yours has been sitting in the fridge you can heat it up in the microwave if you would like it to be hot.

After cooking it, add the syrup, chia seeds, nut butter, cocoa powder, applesauce if you have it and salt. Stir this all up. It will likely be tough to stir, and if you find you don’t like this texture, follow the next listed step. If you like the thickness, simply add the chocolate chips, banana and fruit if you’re using them and serve.

The texture you desire here is really based on personal preference. If you would like the quinoa to be a little less thick, but not necessarily milky, add in a splash or two of non-dairy milk and stir it to incorporate. If you want it to be liquidy add in more non-dairy milk. Once the milk lines the top or parts of the top of the quinoa, you’ll know you’ve added enough for this texture. I didn’t add any measurements here because every batch will cook differently, and even if you add a little too much, it will likely evaporate so don’t stress over how much you add or bother to pull out a measuring spoon because this is supposed to be easy.

Add in your banana and fruit and chocolate chips if you want them and serve.

You can also store this overnight and have it the next morning cold. If you plan on keeping it overnight, add in the non-dairy milk, fruit, and chocolate chips just before serving.

*I included the option simply because it’s one way to use up applesauce. If you’re like me, and purchase applesauce for one specific recipe then have no use for it after that you’ve probably let a few jars go to waste in the fridge. And we can’t have waste, so if you’ve got it feel free to add it in, and add as much in as you want. If you don’t, don’t go out and buy a jar, it’s really not a big deal.

**As explained in the steps, it’s not necessary to measure out your non-dairy milk but the reason I included the 1/3 cup measurement is to give you an idea, just in case these instructions are non clear enough. I tend to be lazy and do things without measuring when I cook, but not everybody is like that, so this measurement should give you an idea of what to aim for but do not be limited by it.


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