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Perfecting fries is not as easy as it sounds (at least it hasn’t been for me). The first time I tried making fries I started chopping the whole potato and did my best to get something close to a fry shape, but really, it was just a mess. Not the mention the insides were still a bit hard after cooking. After doing a bit of research I learned, and now I finally have my own go-to recipe, It makes me feel almost guilty, posting a recipe for fries considering there are so many out there and really everyone is copying everyone. This is what I’ve found works for me, so thank you to the innumerable authors who have taught me how to make fries and given me inspiration. So here it is, homemade fries, as good as it gets!


2-3 large (or 4 small/medium) Yukon gold potatoes
4-5 tsp olive oil (or as much as you need to coat the potatoes)
1/2- 1 tsp or to taste chili powder
2 pinches of salt (or to taste)
4 dashes of black pepper (or to taste)


Preheat your oven to 430F and line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

Wash your potatoes and leave the skins on. You can slice them any way you want, I sometimes like to cut them from one end to the other, making medallions.Or simply cut them into the traditional fry shape, choosing your desired thickness.

In a large bowl or tupperware container, add your fries and then your oil, followed by the chili powder. Using your hands, toss these all around in the bowl. This gives the fries the best coating of oil and seasoning, which helps them cook effectively. Don’t worry about adding your salt and pepper until after you have placed them on their baking sheets. Once you have done so, add as much salt and pepper as desired. I hate to tell you how much because it depends on the amount of chili powder you use and your personal preferences. You’ll likely use a good 1/4 tsp of salt, and a little under that for the black pepper. Because of the chili powder, I recommend not using a ton of pepper as you don’t want to overpower your fries.

Try to make sure your fries are spread out, but don’t panic if there’s a little overlap.

Place in the oven and bake for 18-20 minutes, depending on how thin your fries are. You likely will be using two racks in your oven, unless if yours rack is large enough to hold two baking sheets at the same time. *If you are using one rack, when you flip your fries, switch the position of the pans, making sure they are on different sides than they started. If you are using two racks, the pan on the bottom will cook better, so it is important that you switch those pans to help even out the cooking.

Flip your fries then bake for 12-16 minutes more, until they reach your desired crispiness.

That’s it, you can eat them

Note: If you have an issue with chili powder, you can add salt and pepper or whatever seasonings you like.


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