Vegan Festival

Yesterday was Vegan Fest. Oh my gosh it was so much fun! It was exactly what I wanted it to be, this having been my first year going. There were 100 vendors, with most of them being food-oriented. Considering the amount of people there the lineups were not terrible. We made sure to go as early as we could, but even later in the day I found we only waited around 20-30 minutes, which isn’t terrible. There was so much to do, and the park itself was lovely, making this the best possible day. I cannot express how much fun I had and delicious the food was. Like next level. Most vendors only supplied a few select items, usually their most popular. I’ll break it down by vendors I visited, just to give you an idea of how amazing all this was.

First: Champs Diner from New York

What I had:Their Mac n Cheese Burger. Basically, this is exactly what it sounds like. A patty with what seemed to be to be deep fried macaroni, then topped with a delicious chipotle sauce and classic toppings. This was the first place I went and was number one on my list. My boyfriend and I each had one and we agreed there was no way anything could be better than this. Seriously we need to go to New York to visit Champs again.

Second: Ben and Jerry’s 

What I had: Get this: Ben and Jerry’s actually had a booth where they gave away  FREE ice cream! What the heck! They offered their cookies and peanut butter flavour, which you may have had before, but it’s still very good and I can’t believe they gave away free ice cream.

Third: Veganation from California

What I had: Cajun Southern Fried Chicken. The breading on this is very good, and it came with fries which is always great. My boyfriend loves this and I thought it was good, I was too full though to eat a bunch of it regrettably. They have ribs that look absolutely amazing and there was a crazy lineup for them. It was a solid vendor to visit and I’m glad we did.


Fourth: No Bones Beach Club from Seattle

What I had: Buffalo Cauliflower Wangs. So good! I loved this vendor they seem like such a fun place to visit. I loved the coating on these “wangs”and to top it all off they gave out temporary tattoos and stickers, which made me so happy.

Fifth: Sweet Olenka’s 

I’m not entirely sure of the name of this place. My boyfriend an ice cream bar and he really liked it, I only just had a taste

Six: Virtuous Pie from Vancouver

Man oh man was this good. We got in line much later; this was the last place we went to. We were in line, and two men were in front of use, but then they left for a bit, I think to check out another place, and they came back and casually stood back in front of us. I wasn’t going to say anything because it’s really not a big deal, but one of the employees wrote “sold out” across the buffalo cauliflower pizza on the menu and I was so upset. I still wanted to try their ice cream so I kept waiting. I still saw people getting the buffalo cauliflower pizza so I wondered if they might still have one. When we reached the front, the two men asked about the pizza flavours and they said they only had one buffalo cauliflower left. I was uber disappointed because I assumed they would take the last one but they didn’t!  I got the last one. I also got their coffee and doughuts ice cream. Both were absolutely delicious. The crust on the pizza is the best I’ve ever had and the ice cream was so rich. Rave!

In addition to this we sampled smoothies and my boyfriend got a root beer float from Sweet Tooth and a smoothie. We had so much fun!


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