Mocha Milkshake (3 Ingredients!)

Mocha is one of my favourite flavours. Coffee and chocolate, how amazing!!! Anytime I see a mocha flavoured sweet on a menu I’m a sucker and I have to try it. This milkshake is super easy because I took a shortcut with the Califia Farms Mocha Almond Beverage. I talk about these guys a lot and that’s because I really love them; their drinks are super delicious and they add great flavour to all kinds of dishes.

If you’re celebrating Halloween or just wanting to have a sweet treat this weekend, this milkshake will satisfy those cravings and it’s super easy.

serves 1-2 Ingredients

1 heaping cup vegan vanilla ice cream
3/4 cup Califia Farms Mocha Almond Beverage
1/4 cooled, or cold brewed black coffee (increase to half a cup and reduce Califia Farms to 1/2 a cup for a stronger coffee flavour)


Put all ingredients in a blender and blend just until incorporated. Add a little more ice cream for a thicker shake, and more liquid for thinning.

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