What I Ate in Pittsburgh

In this post I detail what restaurants I tried, items I bought, and what I brought when I went to Pittsburgh.

The B52 Cafe

What I ate: The Cashew Cheese Wrap. On the menu it was listed as a sandwich but when I received it it was a wrap, don’t know if that was just a mistake but it doesn’t matter. It was really good; simple, made with vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes, olive oil and their delicious cashew cheese. This stuff is seriously delicious. It’s a feta and oh my, I can’t say enough good things about it. They actually sell this cheese in containers you can take home so if you go there I recommend you buy some because you’ll want it later. I also had an order of fries and again, exceptional. My boyfriend had their Kofta Tofu Scramble which was made with seitan bits, tofu and kale. It’s very good, I wish I had of gotten an order of that on the side of mine. For dessert I had a cinnamon bun, which was scrumptious. After every bite my boyfriend was whispering to himself, “sweet maria.”

As a side note, I didn’t get to try these, but they have an assortment of chocolates and they look amazing. My overall review of this place would be an encouraging delicious. Meaning, go if you can. Definitely my favourite restaurant of the two.

The Onion Maiden

What I ate: The War Pig. That’s a hot dog with cashew cheese sauce and pickled jalapenos. It was really good, the jalapenos really brought it all together. But of course one was’t enough so I also had the Kale Satan hot dog, which was also good. I almost got the Hang Ten which has barbecue sauce, jalapeno-pineapple relish and caramelized onions but my boyfriend said they kale was really good (and it was) so I stuck with that one. The kale satan is made with cashew cheese sauce and kale and it’s good, but the war pig is better. In addition I had the chocolate mousse doughnut. REALLY good. It’s filled with chocolate mousse and there’s not much more I can emphasize because it kind of speaks for itself.

Me and a hot dog

The menu here is really different. They don’t have the kinds of foods most restaurants rely on. I know hot dogs are common but the way they decorate them is different, but that is not a knock on this place.

I also stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up a few snacks so I could be happy in between meals:

Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: So good! I have been looking for a cherry chocolate ice cream forever as that used to be my favourite flavour. I used to have the Ben and Jerry’s (which I managed to find the non-dairy version of, as I mention below) but had yet to find a vegan one. It really is creamy and the cherry chunks are perfect. If you haven’t tried this product yet I really recommend it.

I also packed some food for us as Thursday was American Thanksgiving so nothing was open and we had to rely on food that can sit out the fridge for a while. I made my Breakfast Cookies because they’re healthier than regular cookies, as they’re packed with oats, chia seeds and nut butter, and they fill you up. I didn’t have time to shop before so I was low on supplies. Instead of almond butter I used peanut; I didn’t have enough oat flour and I didn’t want to bother with making more so I used rolled oats. These subs actually worked well, although they resulted in denser cookies. The cookies already are dense, but peanut butter is usually much thicker than almond and has a tendency to stick together, while almond is slightly more fluid and spreads well. Keep that in mind if you make this sub, as you will likely want to add a little extra non-dairy milk. The oats worked too in the place of flour, although I do prefer it all flour rater than a mixture.

It’s a shitty iphone picture but this is how they turned out

I also brought tempeh because it sits well, and rolled oats, strawberry soy milk and chia seeds to make overnight oats with. Any fruits not in need of refrigeration are good to bring too.

My number one travelling tips would be:

  1. Bring several granola bars or other filling snacks, you might need them in a pinch
  2. Try to bring 2-3 dishes that don’t require refrigeration or can sit out for a while before going in the fridge (like my breakfast cookies, or date balls, lentils, or even soup, etc)
  3. Get creative with meals on the go. Stop in grocery stores and put together meals. Grab some hummus and vegetables or even pitas or bread and make wraps/sandwiches with fresh vegetables and spreads, or even the faux meat sandwich slices. Most hotel rooms have fridges so you can store lettuce faux meats in there so they can last you a couple days
  4. Scope out the vegan restaurants before you go. If you know where they are and if there are any you can plan your trip around them

I don’t find veganism hard. It it the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s enriched my life. That being said, the only challenge I have ever had with it is convenience. It’s unfortunate there aren’t vegan restaurants on every corner, but if you look up what’s available before you can make it work. It may require a little extra effort but it’s doable.

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