10 Super Easy, 10 Ingredients or Less Recipes!

Some are even under 5… I know that sounds like music to my hears, who’s with me?

I have  tried to include some from all of the typical food categories, though I’ve included more entrees and dinner type recipes because I know for me, that can be a stressful meal. When you’re coming home after work all you want to do is relax so weeknight dinners often end up being fast and unhealthy (my go-to is quesadillas filled with a vegan burger, cheese and hot sauce.) If you dare to go the nutritious dinner route, daunting as it may seem, it often takes a while to prepare all the vegetables, cook the lentils/quinoa/whatever nutritious base you’re going for and by the end of it you’re exhausted. Plus there’s the cleanup… My point is, that while I love to cook, sometimes I am just not in the mood to put in all that work. Elaborate recipes are great and have a place, but simple, tasty as F recipes are completely essential. My goal in this post is to encourage you to embrace your laziness- there’s no need to be ashamed. Take a load off and enjoy delicious food without spending a ton of money, or putting in a lot of work. So here they are from breakfast to dessert, and I hope this gives you a little inspiration and makes your life a little easier!


Raspberry Fruit Bottom Yogurt (Vegan)

This tastes just like the storebought fruit bottom yogurts only it’s completely plant-based and WAY healthier! Only 5 ingredients!

Breakfast Cookies

Not only are these made with 8 ingredients, it also fulfils all my dreams of having cookies for breakfast. They’re wholesome  but delicious I promise and so quick you can whip up a batch on a lazy Sunday and use them as part of breakfast on those busy work days. I made a batch of these before when I went to Pittsburgh in November because I knew I wouldn’t be able to cook while I was there and they helped a lot. I would grab a couple in the morning and be satisfied. They keep well in a sealed container for a couple days so they’re great for travelling.


Spicy Maple Chickpeas


Ahh chickpeas, one of my very true loves. They are so versatile and serve as the perfect base to any flavour you wish to give them! For this recipe, all you need are some chickpeas, hot sauce, tamari, maple syrup and olive oil!


Perfect Fries


Always a classic. Completely necessary because you can’t go wrong with a plate of fries for dinner. And a meal that only takes 5 ingredients. I can’t tell you how often I make a giant plate of fries for a meal and every time they’re so satisfying and amazing. 60% of the time, it works every time…

Sun Dried Tomato Red Pepper Pasta

It is so important to have pasta on this list because it is one of the quickest meals to make! You only need 15 minutes to cook the pasta, toss with sauce and serve! It only takes 20 minutes to cook the red peppers in this sauce, it’s one that’s actually doable on a weeknight. 8 ingredients if you count the pasta!

The Easiest and Tastiest Spicy Pasta


This is one of my favourite meals of all time. So simple. So DAMN good. It’s crazy how just a few ingredients can provide the absolute perfect flavour. There are times when I live on this pasta, and I think of those as happy times. That’s how good that is.

Buffalo Tofu


Because being vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up buffalo sauce. In fact, it only gets better. And that’s not just because it only requires 6 ingredients.


The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

These are the best chocolate chip cookies. They are. It’s a fact. I’m not trying to brag but they changed my life so it’s a good thing to try them. 10 ingredients and absolute perfection. These are adored by non vegans so this is the best recipes to win over those who question your “lifestyle” choice.

The Best Ever Peanut Butter Cookies

Because even desserts can be easy! These are quick to prepare and require only the basic pantry staples. 8 ingredients total! And so unbelievably good.


Mocha Milkshake

Only 3 ingredients! And all you have to do is throw it in the blender! It is so freaking easy and so freaking good. If you love coffee flavoured ice cream this is an absolute must for you.

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