My name is Waverly, and I write the recipes for this blog. I’ve been vegan since 2016 and I love animals and I love to cook. Since becoming a vegan, my love for food has grown, and I’ve learned so much that it’s become important to me to share and try to spread the beauty of veganism. I think veganism comes from a place of love and I hope you experience all this in your life.


If you’re new to veganism, it can be incredibly intimidating. The biggest challenge for me was the change. I thought I would have to give up on everything I had known and loved, but once I tried it, I realized that wasn’t the case. You would be surprised how many foods you already love are actually vegan, and on top of that, you will be surprised by all the wonderful foods you will discover. My best advice, is to take at least a good half hour to an hour to do research. Look up what you can have as a vegan, what you can’t. Look for recipes- ones that are easy, and some to impress. Find staples that you can throw together and do what you can to make it easy.

Some Things to Avoid

Refined Sugar (look for unrefined or vegan sugar)
Sauces (i.e Worcestershire, Barbecue)
Plastic Bags and Plastic
Glycerin (Needs to be vegan or vegetable)
Mono and Di Glycerides
Fabric Softener
Body Scrubs or Soaps with the beads