What I Ate in Pittsburgh

In this post I detail what restaurants I tried, items I bought, and what I brought when I went to Pittsburgh.

The B52 Cafe

What I ate: The Cashew Cheese Wrap. On the menu it was listed as a sandwich but when I received it it was a wrap, don’t know if that was just a mistake but it doesn’t matter. It was really good; simple, made with vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes, olive oil and their delicious cashew cheese. This stuff is seriously delicious. It’s a feta and oh my, I can’t say enough good things about it. They actually sell this cheese in containers you can take home so if you go there I recommend you buy some because you’ll want it later. I also had an order of fries and again, exceptional. My boyfriend had their Kofta Tofu Scramble which was made with seitan bits, tofu and kale. It’s very good, I wish I had of gotten an order of that on the side of mine. For dessert I had a cinnamon bun, which was scrumptious. After every bite my boyfriend was whispering to himself, “sweet maria.”

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