Basic Vegan Bowl

This is a simple, adaptable vegan bowl that’s fairly quick to make. One great thing about making bowls is almost any ingredient can be subbed for something else if you don’t like it, or don’t have it on hand. I’ve never been huge on the bowl, I’m kind of picky in the way I like to have a meal where everything goes together (like spaghetti.) There’s just a bunch of flavours combined into one and sometimes it’s a little intimidating for me, I mean whenever a blog  I follow posts a “bowl” recipe I usually skip by it. But hey, not every time.

This is a bowl I created one day when I had no idea what to make, but knew I wanted quinoa, potatoes and chickpeas for supper. It turned out super delicious and it’s not at all intimidating! Here’s how it all worked out, I love it, and I hope you do too.


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